Annotated Bibliographies

PozitiveHope. “Christian & HIV Positive: Not An Oxymoron.” Pozitive Hope. N.p., 24 Mar. 2016. Web. 10 Mar. 2018

Pozitive Hope is a blog support page for HIV/AIDS infected Christians that says “There is a number of religions in the world however my focus will be on Christianity as I am an HIV + born-again Christian (Pozitive Hope).” This is the first person view of someone who has AIDS is a Christian believer to give advice. This blog is to inspire, motivate, and give an explanation to those who are struggling with a similar situation and gives insight. The writer is reaching out to Christians who contracted HIV/AIDS. People that the source who help are those who are interested in religious studies to learn more about the views of Christian views and intake.

This goes along well with my artifact because it gives a personal example and thoughts on AIDS and Christianity. The article title is “Christianity & HIV positive: Not an Oxymoron” and title broke my initial thoughts on HIV/AIDS and Christianity. The LGBTQ and Christian community have an odd, confusing relationship. The author speaks on how there should be support from both groups on the table. The author does not seem like a super radical Christian and gives a source of comfort to those who suffered and who are suffering.


“Warren: Christians Must Do More to Combat AIDS, Comfort Victims.” CNN. Cable News Network, 20 Oct. 2006. Web. 15 Mar. 2018.


Kay Warren wrote “Warren: Christians must do more to combat AIDS, comfort victims” on CNN and talks about her experience with people that suffer from HIV/AIDS. This is a personal example of the author, and the article shows the responses from many people in the perspective of Christianity. The author wants people to be more compassionate towards people who suffer from HIV/AIDS and inspires to change our view on the AIDS epidemic. This goes out to those who have a misconception of HIV/AIDS and think that its a curse or sin. The article is a great source for those who are having trouble in viewing HIV/AIDS in a way that’s both positive and uplifting for those who are struggling with it. 

This source connects with my artifact located in my NAMES project quilt because it explains how the perspective of Christians should not shy away from those with AIDS but to embrace those who are affected. Christians have misunderstood that disease is a sin, but the Bible says to embrace all those including the broken bodies and broken minds. The article gives a clear example of the most well-known person in the Bible, Jesus, by saying that Jesus cared, touched, and healed the sick. People are so afraid of HIV/AIDS with little knowledge of what the disease is and makes people selfish in taking care of themselves and not getting involved with those who are infected. The two stories she told triggers empathy and sadness to those who are being treated unfairly and unjust because of the AIDS epidemic. The Christian view and the view for everyone should be to take care of the sick.

Stearns, Richard. “Christianity and HIV/AIDS: From Criticism to Compassion.” The Washington Post. WP Company, 25 July 2012. Web. 15 Mar. 2018.

Ricard Stearns from Washington Post writes the article “Christianity and HIV/AIDS: From criticism to compassion” that says Christians played an important role in gathering support for President Bush’s President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) program established in 2003, which spent nearly $6 billion in 2012 on HIV and AIDS prevention and care, the largest effort of any government focused on a single disease. The source uses a lot of statistics about the percentage of Christians that said they were willing to donate and how many donations went out. This article shares how Christians play a role by donating and being more willing than before to donate to the HIV/AIDS cause and shine a positive light on Christians. The article is written for more of the conservative people than the liberals because Washington Post is known for having more conservative views. This article is helpful to those wondering what Christians have contributed to the AIDS epidemic and you can compare it to the other religions and see how their beliefs reflect their involvement.

The source fits decently with my artifact but it’s not super significant in helping out with research. The article is only partly speaking on how Christians assist the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The article had some good points I could use for my personal analysis but in terms of overall effectiveness, it’s minimal. The article does say that not many Christians were thrilled to donate at first but as time progressed, more people contributed to the cause. The article did share more insight that the other sources did not include so it was helpful in that sense. “AIDS: Charting a Christian Response.” N.p., 05 Aug. 2015. Web. 15 Mar. 2018.

CBN is a global nonprofit ministry that wrote an article called “AIDS: Charting a Christian Response” and states that despite the widespread impact of this disease, many know surprisingly little about AIDS and its transmission, and few in the church have developed a thoughtful, biblical response to those ravaged by this disease”(CBN). The article doesn’t have any sources but it is a personal testament and advice giver. The author mainly clears the air and tells that Christians should be more supportive, the writer of the article gives guides in helping yourself and others. This site seems very radical, so the article is written for the religious Christians who are very devoted to their beliefs. This article could be very helpful to someone who wants to know how to communicate with someone who Is going through this disease because it offers many tips and options to do.

The article was helpful to further a deeper connection with my artifact because it gave me a perspective from the view of a radical Christian. CBN is a ministry so this source is mostly based on Christian ethics and beliefs. It does offer some statistics, but they are used to further the point that “Christians must be diligent to overcome unwarranted fears regarding the disease and support those suffering from its deadly effects both with persistent prayer and the restorative actions that speak louder than words”(CBN).

McKenzie, Michael. “AIDS Awareness: How Should Christians Think about AIDS?” Christian Research Institute. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Mar. 2018.

Michael McKenzie from CRI writes the article “AIDS Awareness: How should Christians Think about AIDS?” and states that “Christians should be quick to point out the failures in the secular approaches to the AIDS epidemic”(CRI). The source uses a lot of statistics of AIDS cases taken in different regions of the world and the year it was recorded. The purpose of the article is to explain the ethics behind AIDS and how you should act to prevent yourself from contracting the disease and keep yourself safe. CRI is a Christian Research Institute so this is mostly directed to Christians who are interested or curious in the topic of AIDS. This article would be helpful for people looking at the Christian morals behind the AIDS epidemic and reading the mindset of Christians on the topic.

This article was a very good read and can connect directly with my artifact. The article speaks a lot of things not just in religious aspects but also politically as well.This goes thoroughly with the ethics of AIDS in the eyes of Christianity. The article talks about if it’s morally just if the physicians to leave the patient untreated. The article also gives insight on asking a “romantic” partner if testing them is okay and just. The article brings in God and repentance to further his point that AIDS is supposed to be supported and not to be ignored and arrogant.