General Outline

Many films and staff working for in the Media Industry, like Disney, play a huge controversial role in addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

  1. How is Disney embodied in my quilt? The most iconic symbol in Disney culture is Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse was the first ever character designed by Walt Disney (Founder of Disney) and is a globally recognized character.
  2. What role did Disney play in addressing HIV/AIDS? Disney has set up many campaigns and the media influence has been crucial in spreading awareness for HIV/AIDS.
  3. How is that role surprising? When people think about Disney, they usually think about a fun, happy vibe for children.


Academic titles have two tasks.

  1. earnt the readers’ attention
  2. suggest the angle/thesis of the article/ essay

Three Creative Title Examples:                                                                                                       – The Beast Within:  An analysis of Disney’s Role in the International Communities in addressing the AIDS/HIV epidemic                                                            – The AIDS epidemic in Disney ( gives curiosity)                                                                    – AIDS in our Media

The Housing Affordability Act Review

How will you create relationships and generate interest throughout the “scrolling down” experience?

The author of this introduces the topic by starting out by using background information with statistical values.

Very informative and gives a long introduction.

Uses a lot of quotations throughout the writing.


How to Use Quotations

Step 1: L.A. Times is already a credible source, so there does not need to be an introduction to “Joe Potato”.

4 Ways to Integrate a Quotation:

  1. Single phrase set off by a comma. This characterizes the author. Less of the author present.
  2. Single verb with a “that” clause. The brackets she added is using your own words that weren’t in the quotation originally, but it is used to make the reading make more sense.
  3. Single clause or full sentence set off by a colon
  4. Quotation integrated in the grammar of the sentence. Blends the essay author’s idea with Amy Tan’s original work. Probably the hardest to use but it’s the best way to use it for a nice blend.

Commentary: The commentary on the logic of the passage would say how the quote was used and point out the flaws and disagreements in it. The commentary on the language used in the passage to describe the quote and gives an explanation. The two types of commentary can both be used in the writings we will write to get opinions through.



The introduction of this piece did a really great job giving a background information. I feel like the first paragraph used a lot of pathos and it really felt to click with me. The introduction was a bit difficult to grasp at first personally for me because of the way they wrote. This essay was very well written with very few bumps in the road. It was very heavy in factual information but giving personal opinions from the writer made it THAT much better. The first person point of view came and gone a couple of times so at times it lacked in consistency. Nonetheless, the way she connected all her points together in harmony really gave her high credibility in my opinion because of the knowledge she seemed to grasp on this particular subject with the US military and HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS in the U.S. Military


Activity #2 03/29/18

What film has symbolized HIV/AIDS in it and why is it significant?

The writer of this article is Troy Nankervis, and he is speaking about how the “Beast” for “The Beauty and The Beast” was a metaphor for HIV/AIDS.

“Ashman’s metaphor for AIDS would come in the form of the Beast’s ‘curse’ in which he needed to find true love before the last petal fell from a rose gifted by an enchantress.”(Paragraph 7) This passage gives new insight to everyone who is familiar with this movie which is millions across the world. Just seeing how there was such a deeper meaning in this article really gives the readers a greater appreciation for the film.

This very much answers the thesis of what I’m looking for because it just shows how Disney gives its viewers something deeper than a typical fairy tale. It lets people interpret “The Beast” in the film in their own different way. The writer of the music may have used the metaphor in his case for AIDS/HIV, but he gave people a reflection to see their own beast in themselves and show that the flaws are the actually beauty

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Making A Thesis

Thesis statement…

Disney is a globally well-known entertainment network popular for every age group. They are one of the most influent companies in the entertainment industry and spend a lot of time and money to support many causes by using their celebrity power along with teaming up with many organizations. Disney uses its popularity to shine a light on the topic of AIDS/HIV that empower the community and search for a solution.


Experience of The Collections Building at Georgia State University

Researching the Women’s/ Gender and Sexuality Collections was a very eye-opening experience. Ms. Gerrard, the head of that department, gave a thorough research example as she guided us through the process of archival research. It started out with just a mugshot of a criminal but then we dug deeper to different artifacts to get his name, his colleagues, his occupation, and why he was being arrested. This was very intriguing to me personally because this type of archival research can be used in different categories other than Women’s/ Gender and Sexuality. Answering questions from each artifact such as “who, what, where, when, how” gave deeper insight on what exactly we’re supposed to be looking for and how all of the sources are connected with one another. The example she used of Andrew Wood, a radical protester on rights for all people, was a great example to me because just going through the archives and different metadata helped me learn a lot about him just through simple things like pictures of his arrest document, pictures of a protest going on that he was a part of, and a list of people who he worked with. Metadata is so important because it shows connections through different categories. Metadata gives a lot of information that is specific to the research we are looking for. She mentioned that all of history is valuable when she showed us a protest sign that they used. All of the little things usually overlooked are actually quite important to our research and can be used.