Primary Source Description

My analysis will be on quilt #3359 located in the NAMES Project AIDS Quilt in Atlanta, GA.

On the top right panel, the person’s name is Richard Robey. He lived from 1944-1991. The color panel is split in black and white. On the black side, there is a red heart that reads “LOVE IS ALL THERE IS” inside of it.

The next panel on the top right of the quilt shows a letter/postcard shape. The letter talks about how cars are dangerous and that people should always ride with caution. The stamp on the card is a red ribbon that represents drunk driving prevention.

The next panel is the one in the middle left. HAL STORY is written in a large font in a colorful pattern. There is a yellow sun, a blue wave, a red shoe, and flowers of different kinds growing. The panel itself is very colorful and lively.

The next panel showcases ROB REVARD JOHN. There is a green cross with lights inside of it. All around the panel his friends and family wrote messages in honor of him. The panel is a light purple tone and the words are bolded dark purple.

The middle right panel has the name GEORGE MORAN. The panel is a pine green color. He lived from 1939-92. There is a shape of a cross with many lines in it, a picture frame of a person, a teapot, a shield shape with yellow figures inside of it, an ice cream cone, and a colorful kite shape. There a lot of names listed down on the panel.

The bottom left panel is for Steve Manely. There is a license plate that says SKATER on it and a polo long sleeve t-shirt. There are pictures of him and a rose to place with his pictures. There is a colorful rainbow that has “somewhere over the rainbow” written in it.

The last bottom panel is for Jefferey Clay 1962-1993. There is a rainbow-patterned blimp, a chef’s hat, and a fork and spoon crossed.