Reading Response

The society we live in today view objects in totally different ways. People want to see things not for what they are or could be used for, but they see it in more dramatic ways to never keep a dull moment out. Media and television all over the world use methods like these because the audience wants to see the horror in front of the camera. I think a gun is a perfect example of this in our world today. “The Truth About Guns and Self-defense” speaks forth about how the gun was a weapon built for self-protection and combat in wars/battles with other countries, but nowadays on the news, people see that guns are being used for domestic violence and for crimes like robberies.

The initial use of the item was built to fight in wars/battles and even self-protection.

However, every day on the news, we can see that there are “incidents” where these weapons are killing people all around the world. What happened to enforce this terrible habit of killing innocent people with firearms? All the media we see whether it’s on television, movies and even video games cause a stir in our society by using violence as a “normal” way of life.

These impaction guns have in our society today will truly help me when analyzing my AIDS quilt. By using more emotional content and connection with this, it can also be used when analyzing the AIDS quilt. Using this kind of pathos will allow my readers to personally connect with this writing and truly feel the raw emotion of the matter. My personal life with racism, social class, and stereotypes can be used to implement a more personal example.

Another use I can use it Prown Ideal of polarities. The gun impact shows a great polarity between security/ danger because it can be used so easily for either with a very thin line. This will help with my analysis a lot because it’ll help me draw connections and put together my primary sources together neatly.

Making the connections itself was fairly simple in a sense, however, to connect to find the information to match Haltman and Prown’s ideas was very complicated. Drawing connections and all the readings did, however, help me get better insight when viewing the AIDS quilt.